D&D Campaign Log S8 (2018)

Notes recounting the fantastic D&D adventures that took place in Juan's homebrew campaign, Zhymballa, in 2018. Benoit, Błażej, Daniel, Frédéric, Georges, Ionut, and I played in Zürich, Switzerland.


S08E06 – Mountain Caves

The heroes kill the half-ogre, rescue the missing brothers, and return to the academy. There they find out how to flood the abandoned monastery and easily defeat the undead. — 2018-01-24

S08E05 – The Lowoack Brothers

The heroes arrive at Pelor’s Academy and borrow some paladins in exchange of helping find two missing academy brothers. The heroes track them down to a half-ogre cave where they have to fight a pack of wolves. — 2018-01-22

S08E04 – Interruptions

The heroes frustrate two attempts to kill Davos and capture the assassins, two dragonborn members of a mercenary group hired by a Ridgeport merchant called Falgrom. On their way to Pelor’s Academy, up in the mountains, the group endures a strong snowstorm that doesn’t prevent them from reaching their destination. — 2017-12-11

S08E03 – Party

The heroes return Gighur and the rest of the kidnapped villagers to Rockbreach and they accept Minnesota’s offer to cleanse the abandoned monastery from goblins and undead in order to join The Caretakers Syndicate. — 2017-12-05

S08E02 – The Abandoned Monastery

The heroes continue exploring the abandoned monastery, rescue their target, Gighur, and make a deal with one of the goblins to leave the area alive. — 2017-11-28

S08E01 – Rescuing Gighur

Minnesota, a well-fed female dwarf, has hired the heroes to rescue her brother Gighur Shatterheat from a group of goblins. The heroes get their way into the goblin’s lair through a crate of full of corpses. After killing the goblins unloading the cargo, the heroes find the entrance to the crypts and explore it in full. — 2017-11-02