D&D Campaign Log S7 (2015)

Notes recounting the fantastic D&D adventures that took place in Juan's homebrew campaign, Zhymballa, in 2015. Denis, Irina, Loes, Sebastian, and I played in Kilchberg, Switzerland.


S07E05 – Maradona

The heroes mount an expedition to rescue the villagers that Don Diego’s butler had sold to Zlavoi. During their trip, they find out that there is more than one mindflayer lord messing around, they come across an Iron Shield camp, but manage to eventually reach Zlavoi’s hideout. — 2015-09-01

S07E04 – Cow Riders

The heroes kill the Iron Shields squad with a group of drugged cows. After great difficulty, they then arrive at Don Diego’s hamlet, and find out that their patron, Eva, lied about the mission and only wants to marry Don Diego, without prenups. — 2015-08-26

S07E03 – The Soothsayer

The heroes have to hand in their loot to Zlavoi, Don Quinn’s nemesis. They then return to Bluetrail where the major rewards them for completing their mission. They also meet a woman who asks their help finding her fiancee. — 2015-08-18

S07E02 – The Ziggurat

The heroes continue exploring the dungeon where the find a baby dragon and a fierce flesh golem. — 2015-07-21

S07E01 – Expedition

The party is hired to explore a crumbling archaeological site in a swampy valley. — 2015-07-02

S07 – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 7. — 2015-05-20