D&D Campaign Log S4 (2010)

Notes recounting the fantastic D&D adventures that took place in Juan's homebrew campaign, Zhymballa, in 2010. Alessia, Manuel, Sean, Tomer, Wijbren, and I played in Dublin, Ireland.


S04E09 – The Slavers’ Nest of Melanides

The heroes defeat the cultists, negotiate with a black dragon, and eventually free the oasis from cultists. After some rest, they leave for their next stop: an oasis led by a sadistic dragonborn who is also into slavery. — 2010-10-23

S04E08 – The Cult of the Snake

The heroes get back to the Oasis of Zurk, find out about an upcoming sacrifice, and try to stop it starting a violent fight with the cultists. — 2010-10-17

S04E07 – Skin-Like-Peaches

The heroes visit Tales’s tribal village, gather information about the Cult of the Snake, and fight off a large group of cultists. — 2010-09-25

S04E06 – The Oasis of Zurk

The heroes defeat the goblins trying to free the captive beast. They then arrive to the Oasis of Zurk where they accept a mission from its leader to kick the Cult of the Snake out of the oasis. — 2010-09-18

S04E05 – The Oasis of Amja

The heroes accept a side mission to rescue someone different who is being held inside a citadel-turned-prison under the Oasis. The heroes find the captor, a revenant, who is waiting for reinforcements because the creature is so dangerous and has already killed the 19 other revenants that were with him. — 2010-09-10

S04E04 – The Lichen

The heroes fight off a monstruous two-headed crocodile, and bring the lichen to the caravan’s shaman who prepares a cure for Hadj. Now fully healed, Hadj brings the caravan to the Oasis of Amja where they rest and enjoy a big party. — 2010-09-01

S04 – Khairon’s Journal

Khairon’s narration of season 4 until the temple of Unbroken Silence. — 2010-08-31

S04E03 – The Temple of Unbroken Silence

A caravan merchant gets killed by an unknown murderer. Later, the caravan reaches the Temple of Unbroken Silence where the heroes expect to find the lichen they need. — 2010-08-27

S04 – Caravan Members

Here are the members of the caravan: Hadi The caravan leader, a middle age tiefling that always tries to sound confident. He seems to be short sighted but you haven’t had too much contact with him after he fell ill. Gnome family Two little gnome kids and their mother. The kids love Feral and his strength. Human family A father and his 3 daughters. One of them is really fascinated with Feral. — 2010-08-25

S04E02 - Followed

The heroes know they’re been followed, and after a few nights, they have to defend the caravan from another attack, this time a group of bandits. — 2010-08-11

S04E01 - Caravan Through the Red Sea

The heroes, hired to guard a caravan as it traverses the treacherous Red Sea desert, fight off a clan of cannibal halflings. A few days later, one of the caravan members falls ill, poisoned. — 2010-08-08

S04E – Characters

Description of the characters that appear in Zhymballa Season 4. — 2010-08-01