S06E19 – A Macabre Zoo

The heroes continue through the aqueduct until they reach the tall rock structure at the end. A middle-aged ghoul with a wooden leg chewing a humanoid bone welcomes them. The undead lisper called Corpzgrinder informs them that they are about to enter Arren’s Zoo and that he is the zookeeper. During the conversation Fenna casually mentions that they just killed the black dragon that roamed the valley and the suddenly cheerful ghoul suggests them to, once inside the zoo, look for the hidden exit on the bottom floor, not the official one on the top floor.

S06E18 – Rahmulaag

While the rest of the group is trying to find an alternative escape route Ada decides to expand her flower collection with roses from the nearby garden. However an instant after touching the bushes she falls flat on her face. Albrecht and Fenna come to her rescue but a black shadow dragon springs out of the rooftop, opens its mouth and nearly kills the three of them with its necrotic breath.

S06E17 – Louis Lemerre and Braga Clift

The assassin that the group just captured magically remembers that Fenna is his friend. He reveals that Zabha, the machiavellian rakshasha demon behind most of the heroes’ troubles, ordered him and his now dead friends to kill them because they were starting to become really annoying. The next day the group splits. Albrecht spends some quality time with his father who still sees him as barely more than a sentient mass of muscle.

S06E16 – Crockport

After helping the confused ex-slaves get out of the tempestuous waters and seek cover from the typhoon the group meets the newcomer. The elf with the ibex horns who just came out of the water presents himself as Yalagaddien, druid from the south. Fenna asks him about Markahn, the druid she met in dreams days ago, but the druid hadn’t heard of her. As a consolation he offers Fenna to partake in a private druid ritual to soothe the body but she refuses.

S06E15 – Typhoon

The group, along with their twenty recently freed slaves and friends, leaves Zoqoi aboard Phinneas’s airship. Soon after their departure Dave asks Fenna for permission to go back to the Gromsson fortress and marry his dwarf girlfriend, Fjorna. Albrecht, concerned about Caelynna’s vengeful spirit towards her husband, Vaynor, tries to talk some sense into her. The attempt fails as Albrecht finds himself unable to condemn Vaynor’s libertine conduct. Meanwhile Conan, the old slave the group freed at Olga’s dungeon, reveals to Gravel, the revenant, that he is the reincarnation of Lohra, the daughter of the demon lord Osirik, who was brutally killed by another demon, not by angels as everybody believes.

S06E14 – Dave is free

A split second before the group charged on the devil and the guards in the storage room another pair of dominatrix guards arrives, picks up the devil and immediately leaves. The group gives them ample time to leave and then charges and easily disposes of the remaining guards. Ada and Caelynna sneakily leading the group.   Ada and Caelynna lead the group towards the main hall where Olga is participating in the necromantic ritual being held by Yaggira, the allegedly-undead slave lord.

S06E13 – Olga’s Sex Dungeon

After clearing the sewers the heroes enter Olga’s dungeon. The place appears to be a sex training facility built on a network of ancient piranha infested grottos. As the heroes explore the exquisitely decorated amidst aromatic incense, deep red curtains and surreal underwater lights they free several tormented souls from their pain devils torturers. The group also bestows freedom upon a couple of cleaning slave ladies they find one of the rooms.

S06E12 – Filthy Guardians

After gathering vital information about Olga’s dungeon the heroes leave Kamal and Ashura in charge of Sahyeh back at the inn and head to the sewers. Once there they meet a group of lethally wounded scavenging wererats. Albrecht and Fenna heal them and then the wererats recount how they barely made it alive of a skirmish with “dangerous sewer monsters full of tentacles”. Despite the warnings the group leaves the wererats behind and push forward into the dungeon.

S06E11 – Reasoning With Slavers

After landing in Zoqoi Ada finds out that Zormack, an old enemy of hers who owned a rare creatures circus, is in town organizing a series of events at the local colosseum where innocent creatures are being pitted against each other. The rest of the group stops Ada from exercising revenge on the spot and, after accepting Pilialoha’s request to join them and after following Fenna’s suggestion of securing a vessel, the group heads towards Olga’s villa with one goal in mind: freeing Dave.

S06E10 – The Raunchy Buccaneers

The heroes board the Lucius Enterprises and cast off towards Zoqoi. Aboard the ship is Pilialoha, a seven hundred pounds joyful human bard who insists that music is in the fabric of the universe. One day during the fly, while Fenna is cleaning up the ponies’ poo inside the hold she finds a stowaway. Gravel, the revenant they met weeks ago, is planning on infiltrating Olga’s dungeon in search of a particular slave who may know something about the circumstances surrounding Gravel’s resurrection from the dead.