Gamersmafia was an online gaming community that I started in 2001 soon after Unreal Tournament came out. It closed its doors and became a read-only site in 2013 due to a lack of volunteers to maintain its engine. In 2014 we lost support from the hosting company that was keeping the read-only (100s of GBs) version alive and since then all Gamersmafia urls redirect here.

I want to thank the 60.000+ people that, over the years, contributed the 245k articles, images, demos, downloads and the over 1.7M comments to the community. I spent hundreds of hours adding new features, discussing game sessions and trolling and arguing with about everybody in the forums. Looking back I am happy to have poured all that energy into the project and I hope Gamersmafia gave everyone who contributed something back too.

4u_2001.png 4u_2002_0.png 4u_2002_1.jpg 4u_20021.gif redesign008.jpg 4u_2003.jpg 4u_2003_2.gif

Gamersmafia desde el 2001 hasta el 2003.

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5 thoughts on “Gamersmafia”

  1. Hola tienes aún guardado el foro de gamersmafia ? que te parece volver a revivirlo ?

  2. E intentarlo otra vez? Ya tenias casi hecho el control de los comentarios inteligente… lo demás iría solo, excepto algún bug…

  3. Vaya, hacia años que no me pasaba por aqui, me he acordado de GM y me he dicho voy googlear Gamersmafia a ver que sale y me encuentro con esto y encima comentarios recientes :D

    Si revivis la comunidad avisad o algo!
    Un saludo a todos los de ”la familia”!!

    PD: Lo de ”GM City (By 2_Face)” me hace sentir como un mason xD

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