A day after the Ring of Kerry trip we went to the Dingle peninsula with much lower expectations and therefore with a higher probability of being pleasantly surprised which is exactly what happened.

Our first stop brought us to a beach where several families and their kids were enjoying the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean. There were two companies offering surfing lessons with an interesting guarantee.

I don’t know what’s up with the Irish sky but there is something to it that makes it different to the sky of other countries I have been to. While I was in Japan there was so much humidity in the air that the sky looked blurry at all times no matter whether you had myopia or not. In Spain the air is drier which makes the sky look quite sharp. In Ireland the sky also looks sharp but in a different way that I’m not able to explain. If anyone has noticed the same thing and you can put it into words please feel free to share with us. :)

After a few other short stops near the coastline we arrived to Dingle where, among other things, we saw Dingle’s Walk of Fame spanning across several streets.

As you can see from the facades the small town housed very creative people and the buildings shone with vibrant colors defying the sometimes cloudy sky.

But without a doubt, the best part was the coastline.

At some point in time there was a lady, a guy who loved that lady unidirectionally and then the father or brother of the lady who protected her from being taken by such passionate guy. One of the sides, the lady’s if my memory serves me well, had to hide in the cavern on the right on the above photo at some point because the other side had too many people fighting for them.

There were also a few islands intermingled with misty ocean curtains that weren’t inhabited anymore.

All in all this was more inspiring than the one to the Ring of Kerry so if you ever go to Killarney and you have to choose between those two trips you now have an opinion.

6 thoughts on “Dingle”

  1. En la séptima foto he buscado a los Rohirrim :)

    Bonitas fotos, como siempre.

  2. KpS: ¡por fin, alguien que ve las mismas cosas que yo!

    Old friend: Hmm, I have seen that guy!! El Dorado!! Next time I stop by Madrid we have to meet at that cafe in Gran Vía that we went to some time ago :)

  3. Wow, impresionantes parajes. No sólo los de esta entrada, molan mucho las casas, especialmente la de los delfines.
    Mola mucho Irlanda xD.
    Parece que puedas encontrarte con Gandalf paseando por cualquier ladera xD.

  4. ¿No conoces a Robert Mitchum?
    Quiero ir el viernes con unos amigos… me tienes que decir donde os quedasteis a dormir

  5. Buenas Cris,

    Si te refieres a Dingle ahí no nos quedamos a dormir, estuvimos en Killarney e hicimos el viaje a Dingle saliendo desde Killarney.

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